Sunday, 30 November 2014

" What's the latest with Jian??!!"

Hello all!

Alley had a great day today. She is slowly waking up more. She is able to play charades with us, even though we are not great in guessing what she wants. Thankfully, the nurse gave her a letter board for her to spell out words. One of the first questions she asked me is what's the latest with Jian Ghomeshi! The staff found it quite amusing. 
Cindy, David and mom went to a drop in pottery class and brought pieces that she had painted and made back to show her as they were due to be picked up. She seemed quite happy with them. 

Obviously, this made her very tired so we left early to let her rest. She still has her pain meds which makes her sleepy. They took out a few more iv lines, which is nice. They are talking about taking out her breathing tube within the next few days. 




Sue said...

thanks Amy for sharing . So good to hear she's awake and asking questions about Jian! :-) Tell her hi for us ... love and hugs from NB.

Cynthia said...

Hi Amy,

So happy to hear that Alley, is getting stronger every day, what a wonderful gift she has been given.

Have a great day,

Cynthia Barbosa

Cheryl JJ said...

Your post made me laugh out loud!!! I was with Allison when the "Jian News" broke in October so we had lots of conversation/texts about that! Please tell Allison that we are thinking about her and cannot wait to talk soon. xoxo

Helen said... ever you spell that! So Happy!!! Welcome back Alley!

Trevor Jones said...

Great News! Way to go Alley ;)