Sunday, 23 November 2014

A " not much is new" update

Hello Alley's followers!

I (Amy, her sister) am doing a quick update on her blog as per her request. Not much has changed but I will try to post updates if there is anything new.

Alley's INR levels ( clotting factors) have stabilized so that she is off the heparin and is taking an oral blood thinner for her blood clot in her lung.

She is still having temps on and off and the doctors are not sure why. They are rechecking her picc line for an infection and doing another ultrasound on it tomorrow as her arm is a bit swollen today to make sure that it is not infected or that she doesn't have another blood clot there. Her blood work shows that she has an infection or her body is fighting something.

The bipap machine is helping her breath easier when she is sleeping and when she is short of breath during the day. She does not have any appetite and at times quite nauseated so they are giving her lots of fluid in her iv. She does not have any energy right now and sleeping lots. She is getting checked on lots by the icu team as of now.

Our parents went up today for the week ( as of now) and I fly up next Sat for a week.

I think that is all the latest updates!


Sue said...

Thanks Amy and Isaiah for the updates. If there's anything you need ...well you know I'm here and will do whatever you ask. Keep rested and hugs to you all and Alley especially.

Bonnie (Pitman) Werner said...

Positive thoughts and prayers for you Alley ! Hugs all around ! xxoo

Dave VanSlyke said...

We just heard that Alley will have her transplant tomorrow (Nov. 25)!!!!! What WONDERFUL news! We wish her all possible success with the operation and send her lots of hugs and good wishes! You go, girl!