Saturday, 8 November 2014

Waiting Game:13 Months.

13 Months.

It's been a long month. My release from the hospital in September didn't last long and I was back in for 5 days in Oct. It doesn't look promising for me avoiding the place in Nov. My lungs aren't responding long-term to any of the meds they give me. By long term, I mean longer than two weeks.

The weather has also changed to be a little more grey and a lot more cold. I find it much harder to breath when a cold wind is blowing into my face. I really didn't want to do another winter in Toronto. It's so dry and cold and windy. I never want to leave the apartment already and it's only Nov. I guess the upside is that I may finally knit a pair of mittens.

I don't have much else to add, it's been a pretty bummer month healthwise. The one highlight of the month was having people visit. Nothing like seeing friends and family to make hospital stays and feeling unwell less dreadful.

I continue to remain in 'isolation' at physio. They put a barrier up between the treadmills so I basically have a corner I hang out in. However since it's right beside the water cooler, people cross it all the time to get a drink. It's so silly but I guess it's keeping the infection control people happy.

I woke up at 2 am last night in a panic because there was a constant beeping coming from somewhere. I was certain it was my pager going off even though my pager has a little ring tone and not a solid beep beep beep. The brain gets confused when it's being woken up at 2am. I finally realized it was two angry cars outside having a honking contest. Argh! It seems my brain is always on 'wait for call' mode. One of the many upsides of getting the transplant will be that I can finally sleep without fear that I'm going to miss my phone or the pager ringing.

My goal the next month is to stay out of the hospital. Or at least try to avoid getting the flu since I am too immunocompromised to get the flu shot. I will Purell everything!

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