Tuesday, 11 November 2014

To the respirology wing!

I've made it to the respirology floor! Hurray! Once I moved over to the respirology wing, it was a quiet day. I saw the resident who said they decided to increase my IV med to 3x a day. My poor GI tract.

That is basically all the exciting news I have to share. I had a friend visit and bring me a delicious veggie wrap for supper. I love not having to eat hospital food. Now that I have a fridge again, Isaiah can finally bring me stuff. Although I'm hesitant on getting him to bring lots of food too early as last time he did, I was discharged the next day.

I'll be getting my lung function test done tomorrow so stay tuned as to whether or not this shortness of breath is being caused by a low lung function or if it's some exciting new thing that is happening to me. 


Anonymous said...

Had iv. clinic today. Thought I saw you actually and got excited. Though turned out this girl had no oxygen and pretty sure wasn't even sick.

Did you get your same room back? Hope lung function isn't too bad... Mine wasn't up much so two more weeks on home ivs. I'm growing some mystery bug as of two weeks ago clinic. Maybe you are too? Twins?

-Michelle Matta

Alley said...

I would have been in clinic yesterday if I wasn't admitted at the time! I'm in a different room that overlooks another wing of the hospital. It's not very exciting. Mystery bugs are always fun. Thankfully they know what mine are, they just don't know how many times they should use the same drug to try to suppress it.