Saturday, 15 November 2014


I know when people think of hospital stays they assume I must be bored out of my mind. I'm actually okay. I have my computer with wifi, my knitting, books, a few of my art supplies, my phone, and games. It's almost just like being at home. Considering I spend days at home reading or knitting, it's honestly not that much different to do that in here. I mean the food isn't awesome and the bed could be more comfortable but overall, I'm not going stir crazy.

Also, it helps that Mom is visiting this weekend and we went out to the St. Lawrence Market today for crepes and tomorrow we're going to try to push through everyone watching the Christmas parade and go to the pottery drop-in (as the museum is on the so called "Route of HoHo-Happiness" *major eye roll*) .

Last visit when my friend was visiting, I started my first ever mitten. I've moved beyond dishcloths and scarves! I've since finished it and have started on the second one. It's not going very fast but as the nurses have started asking to see how much I finished on their day off, I better start working on it more. No more slacking with my napping, they have expectations I need to meet!

My thumbless mitten! I'm going to add the thumbs at the same time so I don't have to learn it twice.


Dave VanSlyke said...

Creative cooking, pottery, painting and now knitting. You are a woman of many talents!

Amy Watson said...


Anonymous said...

Geesh - pretty impressive for a first mitten! Obvious talent here. When comes the sweater??????

Helen said...

Well done they are looking great. I am going to try Newfie mittens! After I finish two more pairs of slippers...that's a pair for every girl in our family!
Keep up the good work!