Friday, 28 November 2014

Beginnings and endings

While we rejoice today over seeing Alley begin to breathe with her new lungs, we are overcome with a depth of sadness and thankfulness for the family who so generously donated their loved ones lungs. Their family may be having a funeral today-----it could have been us.
This is the paradox of a double lung transplant.  The mixed emotions are forefront in our minds and I don't think its all because we are exhausted.

The donor's family would have had to endure their loved one kept on life support longer than if they didn't donate.  That is not an easy process.  BUT we hope that the knowledge of the precious gift they have given ----new life for another ---- will comfort them in this time of loss.

If everyone who is praying and thinking of Alley would talk about organ donation, maybe recipients wouldn't have to wait 13 months to receive their needed organ. Maybe more lives would be saved, less complications would arise, less rejections would happen.

We would like to thank the donor's family for this selfless gift of life and also ask that you hold them in your thoughts and prayers today.


Cassey & Shane said...

We are praying. Thank you for the updates.

sue said...

well said . The donor and their family and loved ones have never left my thoughts all week. As well as Alley and you who are with her in TO have been in my heart all week. The gift of life is never to be taken lightly and the selfless act of donating ,so another can live, is humbling .

christina mccully said...

That is well said. The gift of life is such a wonderful thing someone cane give to someone else. Thinking of both families and thanks to the donors family