Thursday, 27 November 2014

When a hand squeeze had us all in tears!

Hello all,

Today was quite a day for Alley. They allowed her to semi- wake up for a little bit today!! She was able to squeeze our hands, nod her head, and I even got a hug!! It was very emotional for all of us, very very thankful. The nurses than put her back to sleep to let her body rest.

They are also weaning down the echo machine ( the machine that is filtering her blood like her lungs) and making her new lungs do some work. Her new lungs are doing quite well with this and they are slowly adjusting her ventilator as well.

The surgeon came today and said that she is doing much better than he expected. Hurray!!

She is still quite critical but doing well and stable.

Thank you again for everyones support at this time. It means so much to all of us.

Love Amy


Dave VanSlyke said...

Thanks for the super great news, Amy. Alley is surrounded by the finest folks and will undoubtedly be kicking butt in no time. She will be in our thoughts - all the best to her and all of her "team."

Sue said...

So good to hear Amy. Isaiah sounded so much better tonight on the phone. Give Alley hugs from us too and group hugs for her great TEAM! :-)

D'Arcy said...

Praise God! This is wonderful news!

Sharon Fawcett said...

I didn't get a hand squeeze, but reading about YOURS had me in tears. Thank you for the update. Let Alley know that her friends and neighbours are rooting for her, and praying for her, too!


Anonymous said...

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with Alley and each of you.

Vera Sweezey

Heather McGrath said...

Thank you , Amy, for the updates. Alley and your entire family are in my thoughts constantly throughout each day. Please let you parents know that I'm thinking and praying for them and alley each and every day.

beth H said...

Such wonderful news!! Thank you Amy for posting and keeping us up on what is happening. Still praying for a speedy recovery xo