Monday, 3 November 2014

Knitting a scarf!

Since my friend Cheryl's visit, I've been back to knitting. She taught me a few things about making mittens and working with the circular needles which made me excited to start knitting again. It also helped that since I was too nauseous to look at a computer screen or focus on a book, I could knit away while listening to mindless history podcasts.

So I made an infinity scarf! I'm very proud on how it turned out. It's my first ever 'bigger than a dishcloth' piece. I somehow managed to twist it with the circular needles but that doesn't matter so much with a scarf. Amy said I should tell everyone I did it intentionally. It's the latest thing in the scarf world!

I dampened the wool in an attempt to stretch it out slightly as it kept rolling into a tube.

Modelling my newest winter scarf! Bring on the cold weather!


christina mccully said...

Good job . I would love to be able to knit

Anonymous said...

just fyi im officially following your updates daily now. pretty much caught right up. Michelle Matta. Gorgeous scarf I'm jealous. Told my physio student about coursera. when i go home ill try podcasts.

Helen said...

Love the scarf. The twist is perfect and the colour is nice too. I am making slippers, you'll get yours at Christmas.