Monday, 6 January 2014

The end of the art lessons.

Last week was my last Christmas/Birthday art lessons.  Boo! This week instead of doing art-y things in the time I had spent last month, I went grocery shopping. It was just as lame as it sounds, although on the plus side, we have food for the next few weeks. It made me sad so I'm going to try to keep devoting two hours from my Mondays to doing art-y things because if I don't make an effort to do it, I'm going to spend the time watching the Mythbuster's Star Wars episode instead (currently playing in the background). At that would be a shame to the beautiful set of pencils I got in my stocking this year. Two hours doesn't sound like very much but it is better than the zero hours I did this week.

Here are my two final finished pieces:
My landscape! From a picture that I took of a sunset in Greece.

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