Thursday, 9 January 2014

People improving!

Last month (maybe two months ago now?), I mentioned how at physio, there was a person there who was back for their first day of outpatient physio post-operation. And how they looked incredibly frail and it totally freaked me out...remember my freak out?

Today, I am pleased to report that the person was there again the same time as me and looks remarkably better. Like, is actually able to walk down the hall without looking like they might fall over and is lifting weights that are more than 1lb (it's possible I'm stalking this person). They had colour back in their face and had energy to joke around with their support person. So yay to watching people dramatically improve to make me a bit less freaked out about the surgery!

To offset my optimism, yesterday I was talking to another person post-op who had the surgery more than 5 months ago, spent over three weeks in a coma, and is only now getting back into outpatient physio....I wonder if I can request exercising with only the 'good news' people. However, they did tell me it was incredibly hard but seems to be worth it so far so I guess there is that.

It's amazing how varied all the transplant stories seem to be as yesterday, Isaiah said someone at the support group talk (yes he actually went to one and he will most likely not be returning as it was 'a waste of time') had their surgery on Christmas day (Santa does deliver lungs afterall!) and has already been discharged from the hospital.

I think the worst part is that there is no way of knowing if I'm going to be the '3 weeks in a coma' story or the 'discharged in a week' story. There isn't much I can do to make sure I get in the second group other than to keep staying active while avoiding the flu. I don't like it when things are out of my control!

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