Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I yelled at a telemarketer.

So...I may have yelled at a telemarketer....

Yesterday my phone rang with a '416' number so I obviously couldn't ignore it. Then there was a few second delay on the other end to which I knew in my gut it was a telemarketer. However, I couldn't bring myself to hang up on the off chance it was the transplant people (they probably wouldn't enjoy me hanging up on them). I put myself on the 'do not call' list but it seems that does not apply when you already have a credit card with that company.

I listened to the womans spiel from the credit card company about how they were offering me "free for a limited time!!" insurance on my credit card to protect me if I "get a critical illness, experience sudden job loss, or have job termination." I politely said "no, I'm not interested" to which the lady replied "well, Ms.Watson, most of us don't know when we will experience a critical illness or job loss."

.....that was when I may have gotten a little bit angry and loudly stated that "I ALREADY HAVE A CRITICAL ILLNESS!", to which she quickly thanked me for my time and promptly hung up.

Seriously RBC? Thanks for the reminder of my critical illness and job loss. I know it's not the woman's's the fault of whoever made the decision to use peoples fear of impending doom and loss as a marketing tool. Nothing works better than like fear to get people to buy stuff.

I should have taken them up on the offer and seen how far they would let me go before they realized how much money they would lose if they actually insured me. I wonder if they would have let me claim sushi as a medical expense? Although, much like long-term disability, I'm sure they would have refused everything with a 'pre-existing condition' clause.

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