Saturday, 25 January 2014

I have a grocery cart!

I went to the zoo again today! While the zoo in winter may not sound very enjoyable, the pavilions are very toasty. With many layers on, it was actually really nice. It helped too that it was the warmest day in weeks (a balmy -4). I had a pass to use before Feb 1st and a friend free for the day so it was excellent timing.

It was the perfect day to try out the fancy grocery cart that Isaiah bought me to haul my oxygen around so I wouldn't have to carry it in my backpack like usual. My backpack has max back support and straps but even with that, my shoulders get sore after carrying around the tank for hours. The cart worked really well despite the fact that some of the paths were snow-covered and was still a bit heavy to drag around but I think it was probably better on my body at the end of the day. I'll still use my backpack for the shorter trips though as the cart was no fun going up and down stairs. 

I'm going to fit right in with all the older women walking around downtown!

My friend and I's shadow hovering over Mr. Panda. Still as adorable as ever.

Hello Mr. Wombat and Mr. Roo! Winter zoo bonus: Zero crowds! There was seriously almost no one there.