Sunday, 5 January 2014

Back again.

I'm back from my self-imposed vacation! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and new year and managed to eat a lot of yummy treats. I felt like the two weeks flew right by. We were pretty busy with visitors and had no time to get lonely or feel isolated from anyone. After Isaiah's sisters left, my brother and his wife were here for four days and then my parents were here for a week. It might actually be nice to have a week or two to veg out and not go to any museums. The weather was pretty horrible but we managed to still get out and do a lot of touristy things and see a lot of Toronto (I will post pictures of some of our adventures soon).

I was back at physio on Friday. I was suppose to have been exercising while they were closed over the holiday but I figured that walking around museums counted and slacked off instead of going to the gym. I took it kind of easy on Friday so I'll have to get back into the routine on tomorrow. At least they have stopped playing the horrible Christmas music so I can get back to blocking everything out with my own tunes.

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