Tuesday, 7 January 2014

So I wrote a book...

One of the projects I've been working on during my free time is writing the story of when my brother David and I cycled across Canada. I've always wanted to write out our adventure for myself as it seems like something that should be better documented. I didn't know where to start as writing 'we cycled, we cooked supper, we pitched the tent, we slept' 86 times would be incredibly boring so I started out writing one story I thought was interesting per province. 

Then I realized I had other funny traveling stories that I thought should be written down and kept writing until I had something that resembled a book. So after a lot of editing (which is so boring and made cleaning the apartment seem enjoyable), I will soon have for you (after just one more check for spelling mistakes)...

Wanderlust: That time I cycled across Canada and other stories

My "make sure everything looks ok copy". The actual copies may look slightly different.

The paper copies will be 12$ and will be available for pick up or delivery in the Toronto, Petitcodiac, or Halifax areas (hopefully by the end of the month).

For those outside of those areas or for anyone who prefers an e-book, there will soon be available as pub or .mobi download on here for your e-reader/tablet/phone.  

And if you live outside of the Toronto, Petitcodiac, or Halifax areas and feel like you must have a paper copy of the book, it will be available as a ‘print on demand’ book on Amazon at some point in the near future (However, royalties from Amazon are only about 2$/book and you would have to pay extra for shipping so if at all possible, it's better for both of us if you could buy it from me/my parents/my sister/Isaiah's sister although I completely understand if that is not do-able).  

So if you want a paper copy in the Toronto/Petitcodiac/Halifax area, please email me (adwtsn at gmail.com) so I'll have a rough idea of how many to print off (I don't want to print off too many copies and have to start pedaling boxes of them in front of the subway stations).


Amy Watson said...

It will be a Petitcodiac bestseller in no time!!

Ruth B. said...

I'd like one please.