Sunday, 12 January 2014

December Pics

As promised, here are some pics of a few of the things we were up to in Dec. It was quite a busy month.

Saw some Hobbit costumes at the TIFF building.
Isaiah learned about photography at the Ontario Science Center (although he mostly learned that people like to stick garbage everywhere).
Went to a Raptors game. They won!
Our Christmas Eve meal!
Christmas morning snow.
The Canada vs US women's final game before Sochi. It was really good. Canada lost.
We saw some people sing about love and vacuum cleaners (It was fantastic!).
My birthday cake! Happy Birthday Me!! (It tasted better than it looks, Isaiah pressed down too hard when putting on the top layer and all the lemon filling goodness oozed out).
We saw some aquatic life at the aquarium.
Visited the ROM to see some old stuff.
Found this boar's head tureen at the ceramic museum. I think we need one it for serving soup next Christmas. The steam would comes out of the nostrils! Mom did not agree with me.
She also opt-ed not to steal this plate to serve a meal on. Who doesn't love plates with flying children on them?
And that was some of our Dec in Toronto!


Anonymous said...

You. Could sing the boars head carol.

Anonymous said...

The birthday cake was delicous!