Tuesday, 21 January 2014


It is cold out again. Boooooo. It was -18 before the windchill and whatever else, when I went outside this morning to go to physio. I know you people in other parts of Canada would laugh at that (ahem prairie people) but for a Maritimer, it is cold.

I have nothing important to say about it other than I thought my lungs were going to seize as soon as I stepped outside. And then when I got into the warm building, they relaxed and made me cough uncontrollable for a few minutes in protest. It was all very unpleasant. At least I have a massage booked for tomorrow so my knotted shoulders and back can get some relief from all my coughing and shallow breathing. Hopefully it warms up again for when I have to go outside next. I would be happy with -5 for the rest of winter. Anyone want to arrange that for me?

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