Friday, 24 January 2014

The books have arrived!

[Gmail and affiliates (ie, this blog) was down for most of the day in case anyone was having trouble viewing the blog. Send your angry letters to Google!]

In other news...the books have arrived!!! Well, the Toronto ones anyway. I was so excited to get the slip in the mail but then disappointment when I saw that I had to pick them up at the actual post office instead of the front desk (I though that was why I had a doorman?). Apparently I owed 'taxes' and whatnot. Stupid taxes and whatnot.

It was super thrilling to actually have the books, even though going to get them was annoying thanks to the crazy cold wind that has overtaken the city today (yes I took the car but it was still cold). I know the e-version is up and the book has technically been done for a month or so but it seems more real when I have the final version in my hands. For some reason a .doc file isn't quite as satisfying (not that I'm anti-e-books, it's just different when it's mine).

When I started writing the book, my personal deadline was 'before my transplant'. Seeing as that is a unknown date, after Oct, I had no more time to procrastinate as I could have gotten the call any minute. So now that the book is here, I can be comfortable having my transplant knowing I made my deadline (not that I would have turned down the call on the grounds of 'my book isn't ready yet').   

So if you live in the Toronto area and ordered a book, they are here! Hopefully the Halifax and Petitcodiac will arrive next week!

Amazon does not have fancy packaging.


Anonymous said...

So thrilling!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!