Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Home tomorrow?

Looks like I get to go home tomorrow! My white count has bounced back lovely, my cultures have remained negative, and no more fevers. All good news. As long as I don't get a fever overnight and my blood work looks good, I'm out of here without home antibiotics.

The less positive news is that I'm having crazy back pain that started around 4am this morning. It's probably a side-effect from the GCSF (white cell booster injection). The silver lining in that is that they're very generous with pain medication on this floor so I've been in a drug-induced haze for most of the day.

They put in a weird line on my arm for my subcut injections (the ones that go just under the skin and not into a vein) which was suppose to cut back the stabbing in my arm. The nurse who put it in said the GCSF could go through it but that was a lie according to my evening nurse so I was still jabbed.  At least they can put the pain medication through it so overall I guess it did save some stabbing.

I got some more blood overnight last night which went routinely. The only concern on their part was that my back pain hit when the transfusion was happening so they were thought maybe it was a type of reaction. Seeing as back pain is not often a transfusion reaction and I kept telling them that my bone pain usually started around this time in the cycle, they relaxed a bit but did check my vitals a bit more frequently after that.

Aaand that's all the focus my brain can handle right now. I'm due for more pain meds in 10 minutes which will wipe me out for the night (I hope). Hopefully I can avoid terrifying dreams with them but it's worth being able to sleep pain free.

Blood going through the lines.
More blood. Thank you blood donors!
My subcut line and my stoned face. Clearly they were trying to avoid more bruising on my poor arm.

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Dave said...

Waaaaay back you said that you were going to rewrite the transplant manual. By now you should probably be on Volume 3......Keep your eye on the prize - you are so very close.