Thursday, 14 April 2016

Home from cycle 7.

I'm home! Although I still have drug-brain and find it hard to focus on very much. Last night went fairly smoothly, whenever I woke up in pain, I would get more medication which put me right back to sleep. It was pretty great. The doctor woke me up during my post-breakfast nap to tell me that my bloodwork looked fantastic and that I should get ready to leave. My white count is back to normal, my hemoglobin and platelets are also back to normal, and my cultures remained negative so there was no need to send me home on antibiotics.

After the paperwork was filled, I had a light lunch (my appetite is pretty low, I think because of all the pain meds), one last dose of pain meds was given, the weird subcut line was pulled, and we were off. I slept the entire drive home and again for a few more hours once I hit the bed. Now I'm just trying to stay awake until 930 so I may have a chance of sleeping through the night.

It feels good to be home and in my own bed. Now I just need to get rid of the pain and I'll be all set for my 'good week.'


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Enjoy the weekend sun

Dave Malo said...

Way to go Allie! One more cycle to go!