Sunday, 10 April 2016

Fever watch for cycle 7.

Happy snow day to everyone in the Maritimes! The birds nest in the tree outside the house has a foot of snow on it. I hope there were no eggs in it already. If so, it was poor planning on the birds part.

We're off to Halifax again for fever watch cycle #7 once the roads clear up a bit. Hopefully fever watch will go as smooth as cycle 6 and I won't actually get a fever. I'm feeling okay overall, my back is much better this cycle than last, way fewer headaches and headrushes. My jaw is hurting a bit more today but so far everything else is holding up okay. And my hands haven't cramped once. Even with all the art and stuff I've been doing. Hurray! Stopping that medication seems to have done the trick.

I've been trying to be better at taking pain medication regularly this cycle and, no surprise, it helps. I'm not sure why I've been so sparing with them other cycles. Actually I do, it's because I'm super paranoid about becoming hooked that I don't want to take them. It's not like I haven't been taking pain meds previous cycles, I just only took them once I got to the 'pain is so bad I can't sleep or be comfortable' point which was awful. I really want to avoid that stage this time around. And I'm tired of being in pain so I've decided to risk a pill addiction and take some extra Tylenol.
Good morning, Springhill!

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Dave said...

Wishing you all the best for this next fever watch. I'm sure you'd much rather be watching eagles or your garden growing or just about anything else - soon to be, we all hope.