Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Hospital Cycle #7

The fever came early this time. I wasn't expecting it on Monday morning even though I kept waking up shivering and couldn't get comfortable. Of course I should've recognized the fever by then but it's  hard to be rational at 5am when you're high on pain killers, half asleep, and wondering why you're so cold. So I went back to a half-sleep.

Once I finally woke up enough to actually check my temperature, off we went to emerg. I got in almost right away, the doctor wasn't quite as helpful as the previous one had been but he was still pretty good. He got me started on fluids which helped my blood pressure as it had crashed out. It's amazing that I can go to bed one night feeling fine and then wake up with a fever, dehydration, and a low blood pressure.

It was the typical, answer the same questions a hundred times. Yes, I've had a double lung transplant in 2014. Yes, I now have a form of lymphoma. I had a fever. Yes, I realize that's tragic but could I please have an antinauseant so I don't throw up again.

Even with my handy printed paper with all my information about last hospital visits and my chemo information, they still made me go through my medical history. One of the internal medical residents could tell I was annoyed and tired by that point as I kept saying stuff like "it's all on the piece of paper I brought" or "it's in the chart."

After all the questioning and fluids, they eventually found me a room over at the VG. And now I wait, getting IV antibiotics, until my white count comes back up. I'm on a different unit this time as the one I'm regularly on was full and they wouldn't kick someone out for me. It's still an oncology floor so the nurses are familiar with most of the medication, it's quiet, and fairly clean. Minus the gross spot on the ceiling, I have no complaints with it. Well, that and the Internet is super unreliable on this floor. And the whole VG 'can't drink the water' complaints. So, the usual.

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