Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Chemo Cycle #7

Chemo cycle #7 started yesterday! One left! Well, after I get through the next three weeks. My jaw pain returned before the cycle even started which is not a promising sign for things to come. Unexpectedly, I also had crazy indigestion last night after eating too much pie. This stuff isn't suppose to start happening for another few days!

Yesterday went smoothly. I didn't have any reactions to the medication and managed to get in a little Benedryl-induced nap which made the afternoon a bit less hazy. I had a friend hanging out with me for most of the afternoon so it was nice that my head was a bit clearer and I could actually follow the conversation.
I got more clarification about the previous CT scan from the doctor. I saw my regular doctor so she had actually looked at the scan before the appointment. It's still all good news. The spots on my stomach and spleen were gone, there may or may not still be a small spot on my liver (it was hard to read), and there was one 5mm spot left in my right lung. Yay! All this pain is worth it!

The CT scan was done after cycle #5 so hopefully things have improved even more. The plan is to have a repeat of the PET scan a month after my last chemo to make sure it's all gone, sometime the end of May/beginning of June.

The other news from yesterday is that the doctor decided to stop one of the R-CHOP drugs due to the numbness in my hands. The numbness has been getting increasingly worse since the start of chemotherapy and apparently it can be irreversible. The pharmacist thought maybe they would just reduce the dose but since I've been responding well, the doctor decided to stop it all together instead of taking the risk of increasing the damage. I'm happy with the decision as the numbness is terrible and I'd rather it not get worse.
Medication going in.
I'm now laying in bed trying to rest my back from the intrathecal. I'm feeling kind of foggy so my goal of re-reading my bookclub book for tomorrow night may not come to pass. It may be a day of marathon watching Harry Potter movies instead. 

Fleeing Halifax yesterday!


Dave Malo said...

Hang in there girl! I want to share being cancer free with you this summer!

Anonymous said...

Good news! Praying you will have your very last treatment ever and have a wonderful summer! Bless you, Marion