Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Chemo #8 is done!

Chemo cycle #8 is over! Well, okay no, the cycle has actually just started, my last chemotherapy session is over!! I have a PET scan booked for the beginning of June and then we'll find out how well this worked. My CT scans were showing that the spots were reducing but now we want them all to be gone. There is nothing to do but wait. If nothing else, I get the month of May off to recover.

Yesterday went okay overall. The chemotherapy part went smoothly, the intrathecal wasn't quite as good. It took the doctor two attempts to get into the spine and it felt like she hit a nerve as I could feel a twinge in my hip. The actual procedure was no more painful than usual but my back started hurting much sooner than it has previous times. It's also hurting more today so that makes me feel like my recovery time is going to be longer this time around.

At the hospital, there is a 'end of chemo' bell you can ring in a little room on your last session if you want. I heard someone else ring the bell yesterday but I just left because I was tired and in pain. Also, it was the end of the day and the nurses wanted out of there as much as me.

However, I did get these lovely flowers and Starbucks as a celebration. 

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Anonymous said...

So glad you have some recovery time now my dear and hoping and praying that your next scan is completely clear, you go girl! ⭐️
Best wishes your way
Kaye Birnie
(Little m's momma)