Monday, 13 April 2015

No more physio for me!

I'm being discharged from physio! The physiotherapist decided that my progress was good enough that I'm ready to be on my own. Friday is going to be my last day. When I exercise on a treadmill it will no longer be considered 'physiotherapy' and will simply be 'exercising.'

It's kind of a terrifying thought. Not that I don't think I'm ready, it's just a lot easier to maintain a exercise program when I have to be accountable to a physiotherapist. One of the main reasons I went so regularly was that if I did cancel, I had to call in and be grilled by the physiotherapist as to why I wasn't showing up that day.  "I'm tired" was never a good reason for them.

As part of the discharge spiel, I was told that each week I should aim for at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise, two days of weight training, and two days of good full-body stretching. Apparently I'm now going to become a gym rat. Have I mentioned before how much I hate the gym? Although I have been going pretty regularly for the past year and half so maybe I've somehow secretly turned into a gym lover without realizing.

The fun exercises like cycling or swimming won't be difficult to do but seeing as I can't swim yet due to my wound and the weather isn't consistent enough for daily cycling, I'm still going to have to rely on treadmills for awhile.

I just need to find something that's as motivating as avoiding an awkward telephone call. Being accountable to Isaiah doesn't work either as I have no problem saying no when he nags me to exercise. I'll have to find some way to reward myself if I make it out for 150 minutes of exercise a week. Exercise = starbucks treat!

Or perhaps I should try negative reinforcement which I've read actually works better. The theory is that you set up a third party member who donates some of your money to a charity you hate if the goal isn't reached. 150 minutes of exercise a week or my money goes to a charity to save the precious pigeons.

Perhaps I need to keep brainstorming ideas.

Goodbye treadmill room!


Bonnie (Pitman) Werner said...

Congratulations Ally!!

Keep up the excellent work!

Dave VanSlyke said...

I always hear that fitness routines are always more successful if you have a "gym buddy." Maybe you could find one there ?