Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Honeycomb Mittens.

I learned how to knit the honeycomb mittens! Or Newfie mittens as the pattern I found called them (I still can't figure out if that's suppose to be an insult or if a lot of people in Newfoundland wear this type of mitten). My late grandmother use to yearly knit us a pair of these kind of mittens to keep our hands warm so I thought it would be fun to try.

As with most things, it wasn't very hard once I figured out what I was doing but it's definitely the most complicated thing I've knitted in my short knitting career. The yarn kept tangling which was frustrating and I'm not sure how Grammy use to make them with three colours without ending up with tangled messes. Maybe she had special yarn powers.

The right mitten is clearly my first attempt at the pattern, it's too small for Isaiah's hand (although it fits mine fine) and since they are suppose to be for David, I'm hoping it will stretch out. The second one (left) turned out much better.

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LittleM said...

just caught up on your posts. thanks for them. my first admission since i "met" you by reading your article on the wall here on bond (a creepy anniversary for us? -sorry.. blame my meds). i kinda feel like there should be a new article about you now that you're post transplant.. sitting beside it. maybe ill make a sign that says 'success!' and stick it on there before go.