Sunday, 26 April 2015

5 Months!

It's my 5 month post-transplant, yay! Today I managed to get a fev1 of 1.78, my highest yet! I hope I can reproduce it at the lab tomorrow and see what % it works out to be. I'm thinking it's over 50% by their calculations which is amazing. 

I went for a celebratory bike ride this morning since it was so beautiful outside. I still had to bundle up as I get cold pretty quickly but it was worth it. It still feels so good anytime I'm able to go for a long walk or bike ride. I have a hard time coming to terms that it's still possible without a coughing attack or it draining my energy for three days.

One of my fears before the transplant about the procedure was that I would have the surgery and then spend all of my time afterward either hospitalized or in appointments at the hospital. For the first three months, it seemed like that fear was coming true. After spending the first two months in the hospital, once I was finally discharged, it seemed like I was still spending all of my time and energy at or waiting for appointments. I was starting to feel as though I did the surgery just to live at the hospital.

This last month though has been much better. There have been less appointments and being discharged from physio two weeks ago also helped. I still have to go to the hospital two or three times a week for blood work but it's no longer a 20 hr/week commitment. I feel as though I'm able to spend my energy on activities I actually want to do which is a brilliant change. Of course it helps that I have more energy and just feel better overall.

My fears of spending all my time at the hospital and never being able to travel again are slowly diminishing. It finally feels as though I may one day have a life that doesn't revolve around homecare nurse visits, clinics, and blood work. Going for bike rides and to baseball games (last Tuesday) really helps me feel more independent. Also, much to Isaiah's delight, I have more energy to cook and help out around the apartment. Although much to his dismay, this means I have also started making a mad list of things we need to do before we leave Toronto.

Taking a short water break along the bike path.
On the way home I went through the Ontario Place path and watched some rowers.
Clouds moving in, time to head home.

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Dave VanSlyke said...

It must be wonderful to be able to see and enjoy the payoff after so much pain and suffering. Now make a mad list of fun stuff to do after you leave Toronto.