Thursday, 16 April 2015

Good-bye oxygen!

One thing I think I forgot to mention is that I no longer have oxygen in the house. Yay! After the last bronchoscopy, the doctor said it was time for me to cancel my home oxygen. They always recommend to keep the service for at least the first three months post-surgery as it's possible that some people will be discharged with oxygen or need it after certain procedures like bronchoscopys. I've been given oxygen during all of my broncs but my oxygen saturation has always recovered after a few hours. I think between the sedative and the inhaled freezing stuff, my lungs go into shock.

But since those are mostly behind me (I hope), I was given a discontinue prescription, called Vital Aire, and they sent someone to pick up the equipment that had been gathering dust the last three months. Another thing gone!

The condo has no storage so it was also nice for it to all be out of here as it opened up a bit more room in the entryway.

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