Friday, 24 April 2015

So much pottery!

I realized on Wednesday at pottery class that I have a ton of pieces on the go and am going to have to spend the next one or two classes glazing everything. I did have fun on the wheel and managed to center a medium-size chunk of clay! It was an exciting moment and I turned it into a little vase.

Included in this slew of pottery pics is some Dr. Who-inspired mugs that will hopefully be Isaiah's birthday present if they turn out right. Also shown are two of little enclosed bowls that I made on the wheel, two of the three covers fit which is pretty good.


Dave VanSlyke said...

You have apparently one to pot.....and mug....and bowl! You have accomplished a lot - good job!

Sue said...

love these Allie.... so much talent and creativity! You'll need to set up your own pottery studio when you get back to NS!