Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Physio update

I'm was back to 3.0 mph on the treadmill today! With a slight elevation and everything. Yes, my legs were screaming at the end and I'm planning a long epsom-salt-infused bath but it puts me back to almost where I was pre-transplant before the hospitalization. Now that I'm almost where I was 6 months ago, I hope I'll be able to surpass it and get myself to a new 'post-transplant' level of awesomeness.

It isn't about to happen this week however, as I still stumble whenever I attempt to jog to catch the bus. For whatever reason, my body can't seem to remember how go any faster than a brisk walk. Not that I expect to be able to sprint around town but I had been able to make a short push to catch a bus. It's a muscle memory that doesn't seem to be returning anytime soon.

My current barrier is my left knee which is not a fan of all the walking and cycling I've been doing. Today the physiotherapist told me to take a break from the exercise bike for a week to see if that helps. It's the same knee that has hurt in the past while cycling so perhaps she is right about resting it. However, she wasn't letting me off the exercising hook and told me to do the extra cardio time on the treadmill to make it up.

My arm and leg weights are also improving slowly, I am now up to 5lb and 7lb respectively. I went to the gym in the building the other day and felt inspired to try a push up and almost fell on my face. Clearly I can't start slacking in the weight department.

All of the physical improvement is helping my lungs get stronger. My pfts have also been slowly improving. I don't really notice a change from day-to-day but when I charted out my numbers from last month, it is encouraging to see a 0.5L improvement.

March's daily lung function log.


Dave VanSlyke said...

Glad to hear that you are gaining strength and endurance. This was all part of the master plan, I'm sure. This part of the transplant manual is one you won't have to rewrite...

Sue said...

yea!!! awesomeness at the fullest!!! :-) and hugs