Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Zoo day!

We had a zoo day today! It was an absolutely gorgeous day for walking around and seeing adorable animals. They were mostly all quite active which was fantastic except the sloth of course. I think it was a one time thing the visit we saw him moving around the enclosure.

Isaiah tracked how much we walked and before his phone died, it recorded about 7km so we figure it was at least 71/2 overall. Yay me! It was worth it even if I may not be able to walk tomorrow. We made it to every exhibit that was open which was a first for me, all my other visits I stuck to the main areas as I didn't have the energy to walk the entire thing. We even went down the excruciating long hill to see grizzly bears and raccoons. Too bad the raccoons were out for the day...good thing I can see them whenever I want in the garbage cans at the park across the street.

Pictures of the adorable animals, pretty flowers, and the annoying geese who wouldn't leave us alone while we ate lunch. Can you spot the white snow leopard? It camouflages so well! 


Dave VanSlyke said...

For a second I thought "Zoo day" was all about total chaos.....your version was much better. I'm glad you enjoyed the critters (except maybe the geese) and fleurs. I hope you are also enjoying TO weather - +2 and a mix of rain and wet snow here today.

Amy Watson said...

Adorableness overload!!