Thursday, 9 April 2015

Return to pottery

I started up pottery class again last night! Yay!! I really debated both with myself and Isaiah about whether or not to sign up for this spring session but in the end, my desire to have a structured weekly artistic activity won. I tell myself it's my therapy.

I went in with zero ideas on what to make and felt somewhat aimless during the three hours. I had an idea that I would use these 8 weeks as a way to work on my skills and not worry so much about the outcome. I still like that idea but I realize that I need something to attempt in order to work on my skills. Next week I hope to go in with a better plan.

I did managed to hand build a weird leaf vase and added some underglaze that I think will look cool after firing. I also spent some time on the wheel working with what I considered to be small pieces of clay but my shoulders are still sore today. It was still as fun and messy as I remembered it to be.

Vase and the two mugs I made on the wheel.

Vase again, I'm nervous the petal thing may crack. I'll find out next week!


Dave VanSlyke said...

Mad skills with clay and glaze - great job! It will be nice to have a routine that doesn't involve treadmills and medications.

Sue said...

love the vase - will be waiting to see the finished product! you are so gifted... also love the toque and the color you knit it in...hugs