Friday, 23 May 2014

Toronto Gardening!

I mentioned last week about having to do a walk test this month. Turns out there was a miscommunication and I don't have to do it until the beginning of June. Yay to that!

Yesterday, I finally got some lettuce to grow on the balcony! Our balcony is pretty small and the only direct sun is in the morning so I think lettuce/spinach/chard are the only good options.  I intended to buy a mix of greens seeds but the garden center only had already started plants available so I left with a 4-pack of romaine lettuce. It was so hard to walk out of the garden center without anything else. They had so many fun plants I wanted! Isaiah kept reminding me that we only get a few hours of sun and have about 4ft of space. Mean Isaiah! The dollar store containers aren't quite as nice as the ones I have at home but they'll have to do for this year.

Also, to everyone freezing in the Maritimes, yes it is warm enough here to start gardening. The weather has been above 15 for the past few weeks and risk of frost is long gone. It's quite lovely.

Bring on the salads!

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