Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I didn't have to do my walk test at physio yesterday! I think they will want me to do it tomorrow though. My oxygen levels were a bit higher than Friday but still not totally back to where they were before this infection. On the treadmill, they were still dropping below 88 at a slow pace so the physiotherapist had me bump up my oxygen to 4L which pushed me back up into the acceptable range. I was able to speed up a bit after that and did 10 minutes at my regular pace.

I'm surprisingly not feeling discouraged about this. I'm not sure if it's because I've actually accepted the fact that I'm declining or if I've magically developed a zen attitude about life (most likely neither). My oxygen level was set at 2L over a year ago as a 'as needed' and 'while exercising' basis so it isn't shocking that my lungs would now require more oxygen while exercising. I think this latest hurdle is easier to process as I'm feeling much better physically. I'm sure I wouldn't have handled it as well two weeks ago. Mostly because everything sucks when all you're doing is coughing and blowing your nose.

On another note, back in Dec, you might remember that I was freaking out because there was someone at physio post-transplant who looked awful and could barely walk? They were at physio for a check-in appointment and they looked absolutely fabulous (let's look past my creepy-stalkerish ways). It's incredibly encouraging to see someone who was so physically weak have such a transformation. It keeps me hopeful.

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Emmett Fletcher said...

Even you didn’t make a good progress on your therapy for the month of May, you never felt discouraged. That's the spirit! Because negative vibes can lead nowhere. But if ever you feel sad or down sometimes, just look at the patient you stated below; the one who once was so weak but had a great transformation later on. And for sure, you’ll get back on your therapy with a more positive outlook.

Emmett Fletcher @ CK Physio