Friday, 9 May 2014

Yay Zoo! Boo Physio.

We went to the zoo yesterday! It was a gorgeous day and I was feeling much better. We also went because we had a pass that expired on Sat and we were running out of available days. The little zoo train was running so we took it around to try and decrease the walking. It didn't have as many stops as I had hoped but it still decreased our walking a bit. I stuck to the animals close to the stops while Isaiah went around to see all the other animals. It was nice to be able to stay outside and not have to run (or walk slightly faster) from pavilion to pavilion to stay warm.

I didn't think that I overdid it at the zoo as I felt good energy-wise last night but obviously my lungs didn't agree as this morning at physio, my oxygen saturation levels went crashing down.
Argh!! It was low on Wed too but I don't think as bad. However, I wasn't checking as often so I may have been without realizing it.

My saturation was down to 86% after my 'warm up' on the treadmill. I checked to see if I was okay to increase the speed and realized that I not only could I not increase it, I had to reduce the intensity. The frustrating part about it is that I didn't feel short of breath or was coughing or any of those symptoms one is suppose to have. I mean on one hand, it is good that I wasn't winded but on the other hand, I clearly have no idea when my oxygen levels are low which is a bit concerning.

This weekend is going to be a 'lay low and hope my lungs feel better by Monday' type weekend. On the positive side, here are some adorable animals.  

Mama giraffe. Her baby was out in the field and made everyones heart melt.
Ms. Lion discretely eyeing everyone.
Penguins and pelicans chilling out together.
Baby polar bear has grown!
Still likes to play with his bucket though.
Mr. Polar Bear enjoying a swim.
Mr Panda deciding which bamboo stalk to enjoy next.

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