Saturday, 3 May 2014

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

Yesterday was Isaiah's birthday. Happy Birthday!! We made pizza, garlic fingers, and a crumbly carrot cake and played board games. This morning Isaiah climbed the CN tower as part of his birthday present. They do it annually as a fundraiser for WWF and it takes place from 6-10am before the tower is open to the public. Because who doesn't want the chance to climb 1776 stairs?! You aren't allowed to take anything up with you (ie cell phones, water, camera) which they are super strict about. Apparently they had issues of stuff falling on people below.  Isaiah left enthusiastically at 730 this morning and returned less enthusiastic around 9. No, I did not go with him.

We both continue to cough but are definitely on up the upswing of things. Sleep and meds have definitely helped. For once, it wasn't me keeping us up with insensate coughing during the night. I almost started complaining when I woke up to coughing at 230 but I thought that 'your coughing is annoying' comments would not be appreciated at that time. 

Well done!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Isaiah!!