Tuesday, 27 May 2014

St. Micheals doctor appointment

Today, I had a dr appointment at St. Mikes. The good news is that my lung function went up one percent from last month which means it's hasn't continues to crash out. The bad news is it only increased one percent so it's still down from 3 months ago.

I'm still coughing more than usual and haven't really bounced back energy-wise from my cold but since I don't seem to be having any cold or flu-like symptoms, the doctor felt as though I have more of an inflammation rather than an infection.

[Just to refresh everyone, an infection is when the body comes in contact with a infectious organism, ie bacteria, fungi, virus; whereas inflammation is a reaction of the body to a stimulus or injury, ie allergies to pollen, asthma flare up to cold weather, or localized swelling after a bear mauling. A infection can cause inflammation but inflammation is not necessarily caused by infection.]

The doctor seemed much more concerned about my decreased oxygen stats than my lung function. I was worried they were going to hospitalize me and I was willing to agree as long as they let me go to my last pottery class tomorrow night (because, you know, priorities) but thankfully, the treatment plan is to try a steroid puffer ( Pulmicort; the brown one) and if things haven't improved in a week, start a crazy antibiotic cocktail mix. I really hope things improve in a week because being on three antibiotics simultaneously is never a fun time.

Even though it would seem with all my declines in the past little bit, that I would be bumped down to the 'level 2' group (level 2 is high priority, I double checked today) on the transplant list but no. The doctor today seemed to indicate that the change happens mostly if I'm hospitalized or if I'm not responding to any treatment. This is continues to be different than what the transplant clinic told me. I hope the two hospitals get in touch at some point.

I return to them in two weeks. I would really like this puffer to magically cure-all.

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