Thursday, 1 May 2014

Still sick.

Happy May! I have not been miraculously cured overnight. Boo! Isaiah has joined the fun of being sick as well. It's a party here in Toronto right now. A chicken noodle soup and kleenx party! Good thing we had a stockpile of broth in the freezer. 

I have spent the day laying on the couch and watching the first season of Veep. I tried to have a bath but ending that quickly after I overheated, had a coughing fit, and then proceeded to throw up into the tub in which I was bathing. It was not the highlight of my day. Or week. Or life really.

I have managed to keep down my supper broth and noodles as well as a ton of water  and part of a chocolate bunny so as long as I don't go near any steam or do anything to provoke a coughing fit (ie moving), I should be able to avoid any further vomiting. I would say that I will once again be skipping physio tomorrow morning and sleeping in for as long as possible. Sleep will cure all!

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