Wednesday, 30 April 2014


I'm sick. Booooooo! And also aarrggggghhhhhuh;gun ehr;gjn;fjg. That is how I feel right now.
At least we now know why my lung function was down last week!

I skipped physio this morning and pottery class this evening. I though that laying on the couch watching television was the best activity for my overall health. It sucks being a responsible adult and having to put health before other things.

Isaiah treked to St. Mike's to pick up my antibiotics which I have thankfully started. It took forever for me to get a hold of anyone at the CF clinic there though. I left a message and paged the nurse but no one ever responded to my call.

I ended up calling in reinforcement from Halifax to help me get a hold of someone. The CF nurse coordinator from the Halifax clinic is the best and managed to track down someone from St. Mikes who then promptly returned my call. If the Halifax CF nurse ever leaves, I'm pretty sure everyone who attends clinic will cry.

Tomorrow I have nothing on the schedule which is excellent. I plan on sleeping in, drinking copious amounts of tea, and watching cheesy movies on Netflix.

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Dave VanSlyke said...

Sorry to hear that you are "under the weather." Get better soon - too many cheesy movies on Netflix are probably bad for you.....