Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Pics from hospital!

I think it's time for some pictures from the hospital, the time line is backward because my phone won't let me rearrange them.

My card window/view in Step-down. I will soon need to find a new spot to hang them all.
Very creepy Santa that is also part of my view. I wish someone will knock him over for his ultimate demise.
My new toy! I'm supposed to strengthen my lungs by keeping the ball in the air. So far, not much success 

Magical magical ice

My view from my room from my old room in ICU

First sunset in weeks!

My daily " off the ventilator" progress chart from ICU.

Having fun hanging out in the make shift ward in PACU rolling up yarn for my knitting. They did a better job than the Amy and David disaster 

Mom opening up birthday gifts!

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