Sunday, 21 December 2014

Unexpectedly eventful weekend!

Stepppp dowwwwnnnnnn!!! I made it! Hurray! And on a weekend too. I was pretty much all set for a quiet weekend when I've had so many changes. I was pooped, although only figuratively for the first time since transplant (heehee poop jokes...but seriously, so much pooping. That part was never mentioned in the transplant manual!) by the time last night rolled around.

Yesterday evening/ last night, as what I can only guess was a hail mary effort on the part of my Drs to get rid of the liquid in my lungs, they decided to up the dosage of my "pee like a racehorse" medication. It worked! The xray today showed that the fluid was draining well so they decided to not put in the 'piggy tail' chest tube (which I've since learnt is called such because it curls around inside of you). No complaints on my end about lack of chest tubes.

The actual big news of today is that I can talk again!!!! Well, not so much talk, whisper slightly, while squeaking loudly every so often. My poor vocal cords are in shock with suddenly being in demand again. Before you get too excited, yes, I still have the trach. How it works, as I'm learning, is that now that I have the smaller size trach, they basically put a plastic shield over the hole in the trach and then I breathe like normal. The entire process is called "corking" and I need to be corked for 48 hrs to get down to the 7th floor.

I am still on oxygen while I was (and still am currently!) being corked. The RT tried taking me off the oxygen completely and my stats stayed levelled but I started panicking. My brain is not ready to admit that my lungs can handle room air. Stupid brain panicking about things. Silly brain, our lungs work now.

Lastly, Happy Solstice Everyone! I hope you enjoy the sun returning back into your day.


Sue said...

well that bit of good news made my day a little sunnier! Happy Solstice to you Alley and good work. You'll get that brain of yours to listen to you yet and when it does you'll probably start flying as well! :-) hugs

Anonymous said...

This has been my best solstice ever. Your news is one of like 5 things that made it my best (I'm hoping the additional 4 reduces my stalker status, and if we ever get fb chatting again ill explain the other 4).. but i will get if you disappear from fb chat forever.. bc thats my post transplant goal too. xo

Michelle Matta

christina mccully said...

GREAT NEWS AND what a great Christmas for you and Isaih