Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Random Pics during the last few weeks

Hello everyone,

There has not been much new with Alley today. The doctors decided to restart her blood thinner last night, and they started her feedings back up again as well. She made it today for a walk around the little block of the ICU without feeling dizzy, which is great progress. She was also off the ventilator for 10 hours today and did very well.

I decided to post some random pics that we took during these couple of weeks. Keep in mind, we were not allowed to take pictures of Alley in the ICU until she was awake and able to give us permission, so there are no immediate post-surgery pictures.

Our celebration "surgery is a go" drink on the plane. Also, to celebrate that we survived the first flight as the turbulence was crazy

First puzzle in the waiting room complete! Minus 40 some pieces that are in a vacuum cleaner somewhere

Christmas display at the Hudson Bay

David's birthday cheesecake

Birthday pomegranate cheesecake with a bite out...yummy...
Second puzzle competed! Only one piece missing this time

First hair wash after surgery!!

Decorating Alley and Isaish's appt for Christmas

Iv pole full of meds and another blood transfusion.Thanks, blood donors!!

The magical Popsicle that tasted like Christmas. Too bad it was banana

Card making in ICU!


Anonymous said...

And notice the booster juice cups that get us through the day strategically located on the bottom level of the hospital. Every hospital needs a franchise!

Anonymous said...

love all the pics. my mom is almost done alleys book now. you are touching lives, my dear!

michelle matta

Sue said...

great pics! it's true that picture is worth a thousand words! Brought us closer and the cheesecake looked delicious! thanks for sharing these.

Helen said...

Great photos! Thanks, love the hair washing and Popsicle photos...luxuries of hospital! Sarcasm maybe but I don't underestimate how good they both were!!