Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas All!!

Merry Christmas! This Christmas may not be ideal or anything I had ever imagined but it will sure be memorable. I've had Isaiah and his sisters and some surprise visitors (Isaiah's brother and fiancé also showed up!) and have been skyping with home so I feel very much surrounded by family and love (and booster juices as I had 2 today...continues to be the best thing ever).

As Isaiah's sister, Sarah, keeps saying, "this Christmas is a whatever happens, happens, year. We'll figure things out as they go." It's a good mantra to have this year or any other year really.

I hope everyone has a wonderful few days with friends and family and time out to relax.


Amy Watson said...

Merry Christmas!! Love you lots!!

Heather McGrath said...

Merry Christmas, Alley! 😄

Sue said...

Merry Merry and ho ho ho! :-) love and hugs. life is an adventure and so is Christmas - especially this year! enjoy the day .

Bonnie (Pitman) Werner said...

Merry Christmas Alley and Isaiah!

You are one strong and amazing lady Alley, keep up the good fight!

One day we shall meet ,but until then we shall continue to follow your progress and have you in our prayers and always sending positive energy and thoughts out to you !

Bonnie, Rick and family xxoo

Mark Pitman said...

We are with you in spirit, Alley!! Wish we could drop in to visit and give you a hug and best wishes, personally - but this will have to do for now!! Merry Christmas!!!