Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas card making in ICU


Not much new happened today for big changes, which is kind of a nice change. Alley went for a walk today (obviously with tons of help like the last few days), and did very well. She didn't go as far today but had less support with breathing while she was walking so they are all pleased. She than was able to sit up in a chair for 4 hours. She has gotten us to bring in all her Christmas card making supplies and we have started to help her with those. She will probably be the only one out of the Watson clan that will actually send out cards. We were helping her cut things as her hands are still shaky but she is able to write and glue things.

Medically, the new things today are that they started her on the blood thinners for her clots. They also weaned her ventilator down for an hour. They also started her on the super powerful anti-rejection meds. This is a scheduled thing that they do to help wipe out her immune system to help her not reject her new lungs. So, this is for 3 days and than possibly once more next week. They warned her that this may make her feel like she has the flu for 3 days so they give her gravol and Advil. 

We nicely ditched Alley behind and celebrated David's birthday with sushi and pomegranate cheesecake. Sorry Alley!! Don't read this.... as she still can't have ice chips.....


Sue said...

Happy Birthday to Davey ! and so good to hear of Alley's progress. Glad too that she is able to do something creative as she heals! love and hugs

Heather McGrath said...

You know the saying-"small snow makes big snow", well small steps make BIG steps! Keep up the great work Alley. Happy birthday, Davey, and hugs to all!!