Saturday, 20 December 2014

Goodbye ICU!

Hello all again!

Alley asked me to write a quick blog update for her as she is quite tired today. She made it to step down today! She is still off the ventilator and just on oxygen. The doctors put in a smaller trach today as well, so she is able to have ice chips. She said the ice chips are amazing.

The doctors also may still put in a small chest tube tomorrow, or do a bronc and try to get the fluid out of the one lung. They are still debating on what to do. They are giving her lots of lasix to try to make her body pee the fluid out, and hoping that it will work instead. We will wait and see! The lasix really dries out her mouth, thank goodness she can have ice chips now!

That's all the updates for now!

Hurray for out of ICU!!!!!


christina mccully said...

So happy for you.You are such a strong young lady.Keep up the fight

Sue said...

oh so good to hear! Do you have a window now? so important to be able to see outside. love and hugs...

Heather McGrath said...

So glad that things are improving! You, Alley, and Donna are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Stay strong All!