Sunday, 6 April 2014

Stupid Hollywood!

Last night, I was watching Elementary (the US version of Sherlock), and on the episode they strongly implied that a person didn't get the best medical care because they were an organ donor.

AAAGHGH!!! I was so annoyed. Way to help perpetuate the myth that organ donors will receive less than stellar care because the doctors want their organs for their other patients. Good job on undoing the myth-busting-work transplant organizations have been doing.

It should be noted that the person was also a serial killer so that may have had more to do with the excellent medical care. However, it kept being repeated that 'he is an organ donor' with long looks between everyone as though that was the secret code to make the doctor start harvesting his body.

I really hope everyone else who watched the episode took away the message that if you are an organ donor AND A SERIAL KILLER than doctors might hesitate in giving you treatment. Because the general public doesn't need any more reasons to not be an organ donor. The numbers are low enough already and we wanna-be organ recipients need all the donors we can get.

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Dave VanSlyke said...

Sadly, too many viewers have their paradigms shaped by what they see on TV and at the movies - with little or no ability to separate fantasy from reality. Let's go with the notion that serious organ donors are informed enough to be immune to the negative messages perpetrated by the media.