Sunday, 13 April 2014

Great Strides Walk!

On May 25th, my fantastic family and friends from the Moncton CF chapter are participating in the Moncton Great Strides Walk for CF Research (formally known as Moonwalk) and could use your sponsorship! They are close to reaching their team goal!

I know every charity now has a walk and that everyone is tired of being bombarded with requests to sponsor their co-worker's kids. Ignore your co-work and sponsor my family instead!

To those who are skeptical of large charities who just seem to 'raise awareness' and make no actual contribution to the cause they claim to help, I understand. I also roll my eyes at awareness campaigns that seem to involve people buying products that have been linked to the causation of the disease in the first place (ie. KFC pink chicken buckets for breast cancer awareness). Especially since a lot of those products are just used as a tax break or marketing for the company involved and little or no money goes to the charity itself.

However, since I have yet to see a CF ribbon on smoke machines or packs of cigarettes (not that those things cause CF), I would say, being completely biased, that Great Strides is a great charity to handle your money. The money raised through Great Strides goes directly to CF Canada which uses 77% of its money for research, patient support, and education (I know we aren't suppose to judge charities by the admin costs anymore but let's be honest, we all do. CF Canada's 2012 Annual Report can be found here ).

The research CF Canada is supporting is varied and will hopefully directly benefit those with CF. They are currently funding infection research to help reduce flareups; inflammation research to better understand inflammation and design better treatments; CFTR protein research to look at treatments that correct the protein activity; cell membrane channel research which looks at slowing lung tissue damage and more. I have directly benefited from their research,  patient support, and volunteer programs and hope to keep benefiting for many more years.

All of that is my case to why you should support my family in their Great Strides Walk. If nothing else, consider leaving a message on their page to show your emotional support. Thank you everyone!

The team page where you can send your support or messages 

CF Canada's website if you want to learn more about CF research or the charity

Or consider walking in a Great Strides Walk in your area! A relaxing 5km!
If my sister with CF can do it, I'm sure you can too!

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