Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Transplant Clinic

I had a transplant clinic today, since my last ones have been over three hours of waiting, I was prepared today with my book, water, and snacks. I then met with a nurse practitioner who went over my info, asked me for any updates, and sent me on my way.  It was over in 20 minutes! Yay!

The one thing that I still find weird is the lack of information sharing between the CF hospital (St. Micheals) and the transplant hospital (Toronto General). The hospitals can't get information from each other unless the person remembers to put it on a special server, which they never do. Information like bloodwork, x-rays, and lung functions aren't accessible between the various health professionals which means I get to repeat all the tests or they simply rely on my memory which makes me a bit nervous as I tend not remember test results if they don't effect my daily life. 

It would save so much time and money if they just put all the information on the same server. If we have the technology to perform robotic heart surgery, surely we can merge the information of two hospitals. It's not like it would take an IT person more than a week to set that up (training everyone would be the hardest part).

The only other option that makes sense would be to provide patients with an record of all of their tests so it can be pulled up when asked. It's especially frustrating when they ask me here something about a test I had done in Halifax. I don't know what my sputum sample results were from Oct 2012, that's why we have computers!

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Helen said...

This is so frustrating! I am constantly amazed at how much our Medicare system wastes time and money. Is it so previous that it has become untouchable.