Monday, 28 April 2014

St. Jacob's Market!

Thursday, Amy, Isaiah, and I, went out to St. Jacob's on a quest for more apple fritters. It wasn't as busy as last time when we went on a Saturday which meant we could actually find seating to eat lunch. We found and devoured the fritters and picked up a few groceries. We also found some discount flowers as it seems 1pm is when they call it a day and start discounting stuff. We couldn't resist the '5 bunches for 5$!' calls from all the flower booths so now my apartment looks like spring!

After the market we went into the town where we found a glass and woodworking shop that makes fun Harry Potter style wands and brooms (as well as vases, jewellery, and all other traditional things). Sadly we left them there. We really wanted to take a picture putting hexes on each other with the wands but there were a million 'no picture' signs as well as a man watching from the corner. Maybe next time!

We went a little overboard with our fritter purchases.
Still as delicious as last time!
The flowers still look great, days later.

We didn't move our vase up with us so I know what I will try to make next pottery class! 

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