Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pottery week 2!

Wednesday's are turning out to be busy because of my pottery class! Well, ok, maybe 'busy' isn't the right term as I had a hour and half nap in the afternoon so let's go with 'full' day instead. Either way, once again I had a great time at pottery class.

My two pieces from last week were back from the kiln and my salt shaker did not collapse! I spent the first half building a pepper shaker and mug. The person beside me made a mug and I thought it looked cool so I totally stole her idea.

I spent the second half on the pottery wheel. While everyone else was glazing, the instructor spent quite a bit of time with me showing me everything I was doing wrong. It takes a surprising amount of muscle to get the clay centered but once it is, it's so much easier to work.

I successfully made two bowls by myself. The first one I decided not to send to the kiln and I'm going to add some design to it next week to make it a bit more interesting. The second one ended up with wavy walls as I pushed down too hard when I was trying to smooth out the top and to even it out, I gave the entire thing wavy walls. Mistakes = creativity! I tried to make a goblet at the very end of the class and it worked! I'm very excited about it, it may have been a total fluke. We'll find out when I try to make a matching one.

Next class it will be time to paint my pieces!


Amy Watson said...

Love all the fun things!

Helen said...

Great work! I did this about a million years ago and loved doing it. It is so exciting when it works, I remember how strong you need to be...maybe I couldn't do it now. Well done!