Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy April!

Happy April 1st! I hope no one was too badly fooled by anything this morning and that those in Atlantic Canada have had their power restored! 

My lovely partner has been sick since Sunday. This is when we need an isolation chamber for him to hide in so I don't get his 'cold'. I have wiped down the entire apartment several times and am trying to stay away from him which is not super successful with our tiny apartment.

While I was rolling my eyes over his complaints of a sore throat, it occurred to me that perhaps I'm not the most sympathetic of people when it comes to dealing with a sick partner. It is possible that I feel like a slightly sore throat, a barely-existent cough, and being somewhat tired does not warrant complaining (quote from said partner: "I haven't been complaining!"). I mean he hasn't even lost his appetite and had the energy to go outside today!

I know I should be more sympathetic but I think my sympathy-meter is slightly skewed by my disability. The conversation in my head is something like "oh, you coughed once this morning? That's too bad. I had 3 coughing fits before breakfast and I'm feeling fine* so what is your problem?" Of course I rarely say these things out loud. Rarely.

*'fine' being a relative term, of course.

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